Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Tablescape

Easter is just barely over a week away.
As I've said before, I love taking things on hand, or basics to create a Tablescape design. This Easter Dinner Party is no exception.

Some Beanie Baby bunnies, plain ol' plastic Easter eggs, and some baskets, all from my daughter's room, are the centerpiece to this table.  I just wrapped chocolate satin ribbon around the eggs and added some fresh cilantro that I had on hand for a lush, spring feel.

At each place setting, I placed an open egg with a decorative cross embellishment inside, as a friendly reminder of the reason for the season.  If you prefer not to put a religious symbol, you could put a flower, bunny, or other spring symbol.

Easter is almost here!  If you are planning on hosting Easter Dinner, then start looking around, you may have what you already need on hand to make your Tablescape as stylish as you are!

Monday, March 22, 2010

An Entertainer's Deal

So, this deal was just too good not to share...and since it is entertaining related, I thought it would be ok.

I ran into a jaw dropping clearance rack at Belk on Saturday.  I found this most beautiful Biltmore China.  I purchased all five pieces for $35!!  I SAVED $205 off the original price!!!  So, you might want to head to your local Belk Home Department Clearance rack to see if they have a deal like this going on too.  There were some other patterns available, but I was particularly drawn to this one because it matched the China I already own.  Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Modern Silver Anniversary

An anniversary is about more than years gone by.  This modern take is a glamorous way to celebrate two lives that became one.  A sheer black and white overlay is the backdrop for this tablescape.  However, the focal point is the wedding day picture that is displayed on the white cake plate with black and white striped ribbon.

The "Happy Anniversary" Message in a bottle sets off the design with a romantic tone. 

Although this was created with an anniversary in mind, it could easily be converted to suit other glamorous affairs.  For example, a wedding shower could have an engagement photo in the frame, and the message could read, "Congrats".  A baby shower could have a sonogram, baby, or pregnancy picture.

Whatever the theme, this Modern Design is sure to impress.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Bachelor Wedding: Jason and Molly Mesnick

Last night, America watched, as Jason and Molly tied the knot on ABC. There were some definite hits and misses when it comes to the event planning and design side.

To watch: Full Episodes - The Bachelor -

The most obvious flaw in this wedding was the ridiculous way no one had a plan B for the torrential down pour, that did, in fact, soil the day...and the appearance of everyone attending this momentous occassion.  I feel it necessary to point out that Jo Gartin, the event planner, did make a point to let the public know that she would have had an alternate plan...but we were never told exactly who made the decision to just hope that God sent rays of sun, with no additional preparations...except for the umbrellas. The umbrellas were a cute choice for a slight mist once the ceremony started, unfortunately, not for the amount of rain that began to flood Jason and Molly's vows. Jason and Molly handled the rain with grace and style. I really think it will end up being a fun and funny moment to re-tell for years to come. For me, the problem with this poor planning is that the guests who were in attendance spent hours getting ready for such a big event, only to sit on wet, plastic covered couches, arms breaking as they hold up umbrellas, and still look like "drownded rats", pardon my southern expression. However, they all seemed to keep a positive attitude as well, at least they got an invitation, right?

When it comes to the decor, I felt it was overall very beautiful. Use of nature is always a good choice in my book. The gazebo made out of limbs was absolutely beautiful!! Green was a great choice of color for such a "lush" affair. However, I do think that the environmentally green event designer, Eden of End Design, may have chosen that color for her own statement, but she has every right to, since I'm sure she paid good money to be the designer for this televised event. I never could quite figure out what the purpose was for all of the various vases that were lining the aisle. There was never a clear enough shot to see if there was anything in them, besides rain. The table linens in the pre-view room set up by Eden were black and white, which gave that Hollywood Glamour effect, that you would expect for such a high profile wedding. The green overlays were a perfect accent. The table centerpieces of glass candleholder, white candles and white flowers show that the basics are still beautiful. The repitition of those basics is what was so impactful. It was a bit confusing whether they actually used that set up or not. None of the shots of the actual reception showed that table set up, but they did have some elements of the same.

As for now, not many pictures of the wedding design have actually been posted online. OK magazine has an exclusive on the wedding, so maybe there are more photos there. If more are posted, I will try to add them here, for a visual. Until then, enjoy the link above.


Have a plan B, if not for you, for your guests...but love will conquer all. When things go wrong, stay relaxed and make the best of it...your guests will follow suit.

Congratulations Jason & Molly!!  My wish for you is that your love will last forever, and that you will always see each other as you did on your special day...a ray of sun through the rain clouds!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Simply Elegant

As quickly as you can pickup ingredients for your meal, you can pick up pizzazz for your table.

A $5 mixed bouquet from Publix added to what I already had on hand and brightened the table for this quickly planned dinner party for 4.  All I had to do was arrange the flowers in a vase when I got home, and place the white candles in silver holders on each side.

The place settings consisted of silver chargers, pale blue china, khaki linens, and pearl napkin rings.

Suddenly, this impromptu invitation took on a Simply Elegant appeal that made my guests feel treasured and they should!