Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's It All About

Whether you consider yourself to be a creative person with a natural talent for decorating, someone who always seems to be stuck throwing things together and just can't get it right, or are just too scared to try, you are in the right place. My portfolio of ideas was created to give you easy and easily accessible ideas to help you get started, or at least get those creative juices flowing. My goal is to give you interesting things to look at, ways to make it happen, themes to get you thinking, ideas for where to find great products, give you ideas that are affordable...not to mention, I might even throw in some amazingly talented people to inspire you, places to turn for additional help (with things like recipes, vendors, catering, etc), maybe throw in a few menu ideas myself, cool gadgets to get you motivated ...who knows.

It's a new venture! I can't wait to get started...and I'm glad you are here with me...please check back or sign up to receive my posts, as they are published. We'll grow as we go, and you're feedback will be valued.


Also, thanks to for the gorgeous blog background!!

1 comment: said...

Exciting! I just started blogging too! I'd love to follow you.

Keep up the great work!